Committee of the Associazione Specola Solare Ticinese (ASST):

Prof. Dr. Philippe Jetzer President
Dr. Mario Camani Vice-President
Alberto Taborelli Treasurer
Ing. Flavio Donati Secretary
Paolo Ambrosetti Member
Gianni Boffa Member
Michele De Lorenzi Member
Katya Gobbi Member
Renzo Ramelli Member
Stefano Sposetti Member



Marco Cagnotti (director)
Sergio Cortesi
Dr. Michele Bianda
Andrea Manna
Dr. Renzo Ramelli


Everybody can become member of the ASST. The annual fee is 20 Frs. (minimum) and can be sent to:


Associazione Specola Solare Ticinese
Via ai Monti 146
CH-6605 Locarno-Monti
Postal account number: 65 - 3332 - 7


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