Specola Solare Ticinese, Locarno

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  • Open doors at IRSOL and the Specola. On May 25th, since 10 until 16, the IRSOL and Specola Solare Ticinese will welcome the public to visit the two institutes, to discover the studies on the Sun that are carried out in Italian-speaking Switzerland. All information.
  • The Centro Astronomico del Locarnese (CAL) regularly conducts outreach activities. The next event can be found on the CAL homepage.
  • GCOS-funded five-year project about sunspot data concluded
  • An interactive exhibition about our star
    What does a star 150 million kilometres away have to do with the dinner table in our house, the clock radio and a wardrobe full of colourful T-shirts? To answer that, we will have to explore the exhibition spaces and get involved ourselves. We will thus be able to look at ourselves in a different light and discover that the Sun touches our lives even when we don’t expect it.
    Exhibition at the Ideatorio in Cadro (italian text)

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